Fighting the Winter Blues

The holidays are great, but can be exhausting.

Traveling, family gatherings, buying a tree, decorating the house, shopping for gifts, airport trips and the non-stop onslaught of FOOD from Thanksgiving to New Years can put the best of us into the overload zone.

The fact is that now is a great time to focus upon yourself a bit. You need to relax some, detox from the stress the holidays bring, and focus some inward energy upon yourself & the new year.

A lot of people run to the gym this time of year & start restrictive diets, and for some that is a workable strategy, but I suggest there is a better way to kick off the new year in a positive way while easing yourself into more stressful activities.


Yoga is a perfect segway for a new fitness regime this winter. Attend a class & find an instructor you like who can help you with the basics.

Fitting Yoga into a program of other activities will increase your flexibility, activate your energy level, suppress daily stress, help you regulate your breathing, and potentially lower your blood pressure.

I find that Yoga helps ease a person into other activities via a positive & calming perspective that creates a good balance within. Going with a friend will help keep you on track and make the experience more enjoyable as well. A cup of tea afterwards, and you have done something good for yourself.

Winter Hiking

Hiking is a great move in the winter as long as you are prepared. Getting outside now and then during the winter months is a great way to enjoy some wintry days & get some fresh air.

Make sure you have a good set of boots & gloves, and plenty of handy layers you can use to adapt to changing winter conditions.

Always take your cell phone and make sure it is fully charged and pack a bit of protein for any long hikes.

Joining a hiking group is a fun experience. If you hike over terrain, it can actually help your overall fitness experience; you will enjoy the winter months much more by accepting the elements as a part of your overall wellness strategy.

Top Supplements

Web MD

I highly recommend that you use top supplements as you embark upon a new year of challenges.

Before you just randomly start taking anything, ask your doctor for advice or better yet…find a good Naturopath you can consult with that will steer you to the best brands & products that fit your lifestyle

The basics are important for everyone and include a healthy dose of Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Turmeric (for pain), etc. You naturally will not drink as much water in the winter, so make sure you have a good dose of H2O every day. Eat a bit less and rest a bit more during these long winter days as well. Cut down on Caffeine, fatty foods & processed foods, and make sure you are infusing fruits & veggies into your mix every day – as they are nature’s defense for your body, mind and soul. Herbal teas are excellent in the winter, and are full of antioxidants that can help you maintain your health in these colder months.

The Gym

Now, you are ready for the gym. Most people do not know proper & safe techniques to employ in the gym. You can do a lot of harm to yourself over time with improper technique.

Seek out a personal trainer that will work with you to make sure you are on a program that is safe & smart. Two heavy workout days in a row, and you will need to get some rest whether you like it or not.

It is best to variegate your sessions, work on different elements on different days, and to work out within yourself so that you are not putting too much overall stress upon your body all at once.

Bye Bye Winter Blues

Finding a healthy balance is and should be your aim starting now. Again, I like Yoga and some outdoor activity at first. Always seek out some professional help with an instructor, personal trainer, your doctor, or a qualified Naturopath so you have a program and the knowledge of what is best for you in every aspect of your fitness & wellness journey. Before you know it…it will be Spring!